Natural Reserve

The Arbousiers Réserve, created in 1993 as a Voluntary Natural Reserve, extends over twenty hectares to the north of the Levant island naturist domain. From the island highest point (138 meters), this reserve offers a magnificent panorama of the Alps mountains to east to the “Sainte-Beaume” massif to west. After good mistral gusts, we can see the sunrise behind Corsica peaks. You will find, in this reserve, a beautiful Mediterranean island vegetation example. Amongst the flora, wired, arbutus, pistachio lentisque, myrtle, cistus, wild olive tree, heather, buckthorn, rosemary trees make up the top maquis while on the coastal rim, the crista-marine, the dendroid spurge, the Marseille’s germander, Jupiter beard, dwarf statice, Casabona thistle, pink garlic, “Dauphinelle de Requien” (plant exclusively on Hyeres islands), the sea rocket plant, bristle passerine, the Hyeres lavatera, “maritime cinerary”, “the navel of Venus” … A remarkable posidonia herbarium extends flora in the sea to a 40 meters depth. Fauna is also present with breeding birds such as Yelkouan shearwater which one is found, on the Levant island, the bulk of the French population, ashy shearwater, kestrel, the small duke owl, pitchou warbler, American nighthawk, cormorant of Desmarets and peregrine falcon, reptiles (wall lizard, phyllodactylus (small gecko), Montpellier rung ladder grass snake, Hermann’s tortoise), amphibians (the discoglossus), and, at least, six species of bats including the rare notch-eared bat. A nature and rustic trail has been created with 14 thematic stations and several benches. It allows to discover vegetation and old human activities sites(ancient charcoal piles).

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